• yannick hervy

Yannick Hervy

French Artist Yannick Hervy, born in Toulouse, has consistently built up his universe where all forms of art coexist.  

Drawing, painting, modeling - these are his passions, which he developed throughout his career and evolution as an artist.

As a self-taught artist, he uses all his competences for various functions: taking turns between working as an Art Director for communication agencies and international fashion agencies, working as a showroom creator, designer of luxury hotels or as a designer of furniture and handbag lines.

These diverse experiences have allowed him to acquire strong professionalism and have earned him recognition by his peers. Moreover, he is the proud recipient of various awards for his work.

His professional path lead him to travel the world and work with people of different, exotic cultures on every continent from Europe, Africa, America, to Asia.

Now, after years spent working on various projects around the world, Yannick Hervy has decided to go wholeheartedly into the realisation of his own line of Art/Design creations « Go in 2 » and the preparation of an upcoming painting exhibition.

This project is the next natural step in his long and beautiful path, and the result of his extended research while travelling the world, encountering new cultures and humbling experiences.