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With Go in 2, Yannick Hervy offers his first collection fusing Art and Design.

This first collection has been especially designed for the unexpected union of wood and plexiglass.

Through this assumed choice of materials one can perceive a true willingness by the artist to experiment with the juxtaposition of classy and polluting materials. Yannick Hervy manages to create an harmonious coexistence between these two antonyms.

While wood gives all its stature to the creation, plexiglas is only used as a maintaining structure.

Here is the artist's metphor of a contemporary world stamped with modernism where progress, when used in support of natural materials, could have the power to reveal all their beauty, their value and their necessity.

This concern to give a true symbolic dimension to his creations makes Yannick Hervy's pieces authentic works of Art.

If these creations are considered by the artist as true works of art, unique, Yannick hervy also incorporated his other field of expertise: design.

Eventually this collection is a matter of choice and conviction.

The choice of two materials. The choice of a message. The choice not to make a choice... whether classified as Design or Art.


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